Anadolu University (Turkey)


Specific information:   

  • At the Anadolu University (AU)  approximately 500,000 conventional students and 400,000 distance education students are enrolled each year. The geographical reach of the Anadoul university is:
    -For Distance Education System: Turkey, Western European countries (Turkish citizens residing there), Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Azerbaijan. Turkish Certificate Program and Open Educational Resources are publicized via Internet have global reach.
    -For conventional studies: Turkey, European countries via Erasmus and Central Asia via Erasmus Mundus program.  AU accepts foreign students based on international agreements with universities.
  • AU has 7 institutes offering masters and doctorate level post graduate programs. There are 3 online master’s degree programs.
  • The courses are mainly offered by blended learning through the use of printed materials supported with academic counselling and eLearning environment. But also other methods (by purely electronic delivery and by multimedia tools) are utilized for instruction at AU, according to the type of the program and the number of students
  • At the moment the qualifications are not modular, i.e. students cannot combine credits from modules to build the qualification of their choice. Howerer, AU is planning to make their system more flexible in near future. 
  • Regarding the entry requirements the high school diploma is a prerequisite for entry to AU programmes. Students enter after completing high school education. There is lifelong learning since there is no upper age limit for both conventional and distance programs. 
  • The modules offered in the EPICS portal have definite start and finish dates.They are usually offered two semesters a year and their duration is usually 3 -4 months. The enrolment period is one semester. 
  • The methode of assessment is online. Assignments are sent via emails. Quizzes and performance at discussion forums (qualitatively and quantitatively) are important. The assessment are predetermined and scheduled by the tutor and are submitted at predetermined time intervals.
  • With regard to student support, students are assisted through asynchronous counselling services provided by their tutors. Anadolu University cooperates with the other state universities in Turkey for the counselling network.The language of instruction is English.

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