The EPICS project

About the EPICS project

Several projects on virtual mobility have shown its benefit as a supplement to physical mobility. In the European project EPICS these initiatives on virtual mobility have been gathered together to build mainstream, institutional scheme of virtual mobility, Virtual Erasmus. You can read all about the Virtual Exchange concept in the publication EPICS: New Oppertunities for International Student Mobility.











From physical Erasmus to Virtual Erasmus!
With Virtual Erasmus, universities can enhance the quality of their curricula as well as their international profile. Participating students benefit from easily accessible high quality European courses, enabling them to further individualise and specialise their learning portfolio. The overall concept of Virtual Erasmus is similar to that of physical Erasmus: a student enrolled in a university degree programme leaves the home university for one or two terms to study a portion of the degree at a foreign university. This university must be part of the same Erasmus network. In Virtual Erasmus universities select online courses from another university via the EPICS database, which fit into one (or more) of their degree programmes and match their quality criteria. If a student acquires ECTS points in one of these pre-assessed courses it is guaranteed that those points will be recognized towards the degree at the home university.

The centralised Virtual Erasmus web portal EPICS
The backbone for Virtual Erasmus is the European Portal for International Courses and Services (EPICS). It contains a searchable database of all distance and e-learning courses available to an international audience as  well as a range of useful information and supporting tools for Virtual Erasmus. The database is regularly updated and serves as a matchmaking facility for future Virtual Erasmus networks.

Participating organisations
The participating organisation of this project are: EADTU (NL), Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (ES), EuroPACE (BE), Linköping University (SE), Open Universiteit Nederland (NL), Open University (UK), Estonian Information Technology Foundation (EE), International Telematic University UNINETTUNO (IT), Universidade Aberta (PT), Anadolu University (TK), Fernstudien Schweiz (CH).

The EPICS project is based on the results of the following previous projects: 


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