Are you a student looking for an international experience, but unable to leave you home country, or wishing to prepare yourself for the experience of studying in another European country? If so, read more.

What is Virtual Exchange?
Virtual Exchange offers all students the possibility of sampling a module from a distance teaching institution in another European country, in order to begin developing international skills. By taking a module from another country, you will have the opportunity to open a window on a different culture, and meet students from a different country through virtual forums, or by telephone and video. And all of this, without the expense and upheaval of leaving home.

Who is it for?
Virtual Exchange is intended for students already studying with distance teaching or conventional HE organisations, who, because of home and work commitments, or physical disability, cannot move to another country for a period of study. It is also ideal for students who wish to prepare themselves for a period of study in another country, or wish to consolidate that experience. Or for those people who simply wish for a different study experience.

Language skills
Most HE institutions demand a level of language, which is at least B2 , and preferably C1 in the Common European Reference Frame for languages. You can find further information about this at :

Test your skills!
You can test your skills in English by clicking here.
To become prepared linguistically for your study “abroad” we can also recommend to you the Hookup language learning portal:

To take part
There are various ways in which you can take part in Virtual Exchange. If your institution is a member of the scheme you can take a module with ECTS credits, which has been pre-assessed as a recognised part of your degree programme at your home university. Modules which are the subject of such agreements are tagged [            ] in the Search Courses section of this portal, and are also included on your institution’s website. You will also find the name of the contact in your institution for this particular module, from whom you can learn more about how to take part in the scheme.
If your institution is not a member of the scheme, or the module you wish to take is not the subject of an agreement, you will have to negotiate its recognition as part of your degree programme with your faculty of study. For further information, contact the International Office or the Virtual Exchange coordinator for your institution. You can also find information in the portal on modules which are available to all through open source software. These are not credit bearing unless you register with the institution providing the modules. 

For detailed information, go to Search Courses.