Tallin Estonia
Tallin University (Estonia)

Specific information:

  • At Tallinn University approximately 9,500 to 12,000 students are enrolled in continuing education courses. The university is focused on Estonian students but is also attracting a number of students from abroad. In 2009/2010 Tallinn University had 328 students from 54 countries. Qualifications in all three cycles of the European HE area are offered.
  • The main method of instruction is blended learning.
  • The qualifications at Tallinn University are not modular, but students can combine credits from modules to build the qualification of their choice.
  • Regarding the entry requirements there is no age limit for entry to the institution? In all programmes students require at least a secondary school degree as the educational qualifications to enrol.
  • The modules offered in the EPICS portal have definite start and finish dates.They are usually offered once a year and their duration is usually one semester.
  • The enrolment period for the modules is normally September or February.t;/li>
  • For assessment both formative and summative assessment are used, online modules do not require attendance at a campus. Students have a possibility to do exams three times if the results are not satisfactory.
  • At Tallinn University all students have personal tutors and support is provided also via phone, Skype and other electronic tools.
  • The language of instruction of the modules at Tallinn University is Estonian, English, Russian.

 For more information visit the web site of Tallin University: http://www.tlu.ee/