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Quick reference guide for staff with Virtual Exchange students

Whatever length of experience you may have as a distance university teacher, the first time that you teach students from a different institution you may find the experience challenging. There are some areas where their expectations about university study may be different from those of your “home” students. You also need to be aware that cultural differences and previous educational experience may have resulted in assumptions which don’t apply to study at your institution.

On-line guides to teaching foreign distance education students can be accessed via a later link on this page, but for a quick reference guide to areas which may be problematic click here.

Library links

Are you interested about how you can find information for your study? And how libraries can support virtual mobility? Click here to find out.

Related guides

Here you will find a selection of guides for online learning. These guides wil provide you e.g with guidelines and recommendations for blended mobility activities and models and scenarios for organising virtual mobility.

For administrative staff: Agreement Templates
  1. Virtual Exchange - Transcrips of Records
  2. Virtual Exchange - Learning Agreement 
  3. Virtual Exchange - Institutional Agreement
  4. Virtual Exchange - Principles and Conditions

If your institution is interested in setting up a partnership and you need further information on administrative details, please contact the EADTU